AGISCO’s latest data acquisition system is the QuickREAD for reading and managing differ-ent types of electrical outputs: voltage, cur-rent, temperature, resistance, strain gauges, load cells and many others.
In practice every analogical sensor is read with the utmost accuracy possible.
The QuickREAD’s strength consists of its modu-larity and versatility in reading any device. In fact monitoring systems may often be con-strained by the installation environment, need a special power source or be inserted in a pre-existing communication network.


A simplified diagram of the basic elements that may be combined together to form a new data uad-engacquisition unit is shown hereafter:

The core of the unit are the elements in red called QuickREAD. They can
be combined in a cascade of up to 32 modules.
By a simple Ethernet-type cable the Quick- READ can be spread out along a one km line so to approach the sensors.
Effects are immediate: less noise along the measuring line and extraordinary reduction of wiring.
Systems with 2, 6, 16 or multiple channels can be combined arbitrarily.
The unit can be interfaced to a Windows or Linux PC by means of a serial converter or to a low-power Linux embedded PC. It can even be read, and data stored on a SD card, by a ONE R3 Arduino. Storage capacity is no longer an hindrance thanks to solid-state memories.